Stylish Lazy Boy

On Saturday, August 8 2007 is the X-Games 13 competition. This is the most prestigious extreme sports event in the world. Being able to see the X-Games means for me the same as it would be to watch live the final of the World Cup for football fans. X-Games has an unique atmosphere. This year players perform a lot of new tricks, not seen before in official competitions. I’m especially interested in vert skateboarding, BMX and motocross (held here in three different categories, that is Supermoto, Moto-X racing and of course Frestyle Motocross).

Shaun White is running wild on halfpipe. He performs faultlessly tricks that can be done by just a few more other people in the world. Even four year old kids know Shaun. One boy notices a guy wearing green t-shirt and asks his dad, Daaadddy … is that Shaun?

Players execute the tricks such as 900,

McTwist, or nosegrab spin transfer between two ramps with an incredible precision. Unfortunately we are too late to see the BMX park, but manage to see the finals on the ramp. Some players’ names I have probably never heard of before, but judging by the the tricks they pull beyond the shadow of doubt it is the top world class. One player the first time in history performs 900 to 900, a beautiful two and a half turn on one wall of the ramp, then the same rotation on the other side. Chilean guy almost made a tripple tailwhip, he unfortunately falls short after the landing. The double flair (or a double backflip on a ramp) along with lots of other classic tricks is impressive to see it live. The true feast of extreme sports.

Freestyle motocross (FMX), the main course, is comming. My favorite Travis Pastrana unfortunately loses on the freestyle racing and what surprises me most, he doesn’t get trough the qualifying rounds to appear in the FMX finals. It demonstrates the high level of competition. Unquestionably all of the authorized competitors have already reached at least level which Travis had last year. Adam Jones takes the gold (last year he took second place). A day before he tried to pull the double backflip on the best trick festival. During the final run motorcycle tricks such as lazyboy flip, superflip and 360 spin have already become a standard. Every single jump is a wonderful superman, kiss-of-death or cliffhanger high up in the air. The trick which shocked me most is called cliffhanger flip. It is standing upside in vertical position on the handlebar while the motorcycle is perform backflip. It denies the gravity, but in fact it is possible.

There has been a few accidents, one to short backflip flight, someone else run into the cameraman, the Jake Brown’s massive fall from more than ten meters after launching off quarterpipe on skateboard. Fortunately all the accidents without serious injuries. There is nothing more to say, a single day to see Shaun White and Travis Pastrana performing at their best is a real treat. Definitely worth the price of $25.