Please browse through the videos and take a look at examples of my work split in two sections.

Travel & Adventure


 Myanmar Days (backpacking in Myanmar)


Traveling and getting lost with backpack in Myanmar, overland crossing from Thailand.


 Moments Away (cycling in Uganda & Kenya)


Six weeks and two thousands kilometers cycling from Victoria Lake (Uganda) to Indian Ocean (Kenya). Enjoyable adventure! :-)


 No Borders (cycling with animals in Kenya)



“No borders” symbolizes metaphorically and literally the freedom of movement. For animals, people and two cyclists.

Please enjoy the highlights of cycling adventure in Kenya.


 Get lost in Asia! (Cambodia, Laos, Thailand)


“Get lost in Asia” is my attempt to tell a story about adventures, new experiences and some magical moments I lived up to while traveling in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

Well… it is not as easy as I thought to squeeze 8 weeks of intense backpacking into this very short video, but I tried to do my best. It has been a very dynamic journey and so is the video… (be warned… ) I hope the movie would bring back some personal memories for those who already have been to Southeast Asia or it would become an inspiration for others considering Asia as their next travel destination.



Make it Cuban (on Cuban bikes)


One Island, 4 weeks, 4 guys and 4 bicyles (which we needed to buy on Cuba) and an ambitious project to travel across the country to meet its people, enjoy local lifestyle and casual experiences. Worth to mention, we met a lot of bike mechanics who against all odds struggled to fix our bicycles. Great adventure!



Cuba Feliz (Happy Cuba)


A story about daily lives of Cuban people, their concerns, lifestyle and casual things, which you are about to experience while visiting this Caribbean island.

The above videos featured on various travel exhibitions and presentations.



Inspired by Norway


Discover Mefjord Brygge (Mefjordvær, Norway)


A short promotional video of Mefjord Brygge, Senja Island’s second biggest tourist company.



Look Closer (Tromsø, Norway)


A short movie which is not only an attempt to show several places in Tromsø, a north Norwegian city. “Look closer” is a methaphor of our lives. Many people get lost and can’t find their happiness because they don’t look close enough. My personal point of view is that happiness comes from the way we approach each new situation, no matter how simple it is.

Look Closer featured on a few film festivals and websites of Tromsø municipality.


Skiing at Mefjord Brygge


An inspirational persentation to promote skiing on outer Senja, North of Norway.

Produced for Mefjord Brygge, second biggest tourist company on the island.


Big Boat fishing at Mefjord Brygge


Presentation of fishing facilities for VIP guests interested in fishing for big trophies.

Produced for Mefjord Brygge, second biggest tourist company on Senja Island, Norway.