Mexican Operation Tequila

Mexican Operation Tequila

Mexican folklore

I always dreamed of a hot day in a Mexican park, sitting under a tree with a bottle of tequila in my hand and sipping it in absolutely the laziest way until late evening. .At first glance, Tijuana, a Mexican border town near San Diego, is a terrible tourist imitation of a bona fide Mexico. Street traders trying to sell completely unnecessary things. Amigo, why would I buy a carpet, since all I’m looking for is an original Mexican tequila? I know I have to leave the tourist area soon and go to the less accessible part of city. On a way I grab an extra fat and extra sweetened deep fry funnel cakes as a snack. Later on we get fish fillets with a devilish hot sauce and a Corona beer. Naturally, I place the order in Spanish. These are just some of the charms of Tijuana. The next time we discover the more hidden ones.

We enter random store to buy Tequila, which looks promising for the equivalent of eight U.S. dollars, also we get a few bottles of Corona at 65 cents each. Waiting on the line we get to know a Mexican who introduces us briefly to the world of tequilas. He recommends us some local tequila brands and proposes that we all go to visit his apartment across the street to have a drink together. So we are in the apartment of a young Mexican family. We drink beer, a few shots of tequila in accordance with the local way. We have a bite of lemon sprinkled with salt first and only then we drink the tequila.

That is an inversed version of the one popular in Europe. It must be the way if Mexicans do so. We head for the city with our fellow local guide. He show us some interesting places, we visit a church, small little shops and a bar where the best tacos in town are served. The original version taco is a small tortilla folded in half with a special stuffing. Chopped beef tongue, vegetables and green sauce. Additionally, you can season it with chili sauce, a really hot sauce.

The late afternoon is approaching so we settle down comfortably under the tree in a park I dreamed of to enjoy our tequila, with absolutely no rush. Que bueno carnal!