Bangkok and the escape from Bangkok

Busy avenue in central Bangkok

It has been a hide-and-seek game, but eventually I won, a giant cockroach in my hotel room is killed. Now I can go out on the street. It is sultry, stuffy and hot. The humid air sticks to my lungs. In the course of my travels this is the most tiresome one of such places. On the other hand… Bangkok is a crazy city. The place which every single soul lost on the wild trails of Southeast Asia will sooner or later visit. It’s an incredible assortment of people, places and food. It is also a meeting place for travelers from all over world. You can regain energy, make a new plan, get inspired, shares your experiences, recover strength and have a bit of entertainment. Opportunities are more than enough. Moreover, Khao San Road is running wild more than 24 hours a day.

Beware of the dangers that lurk at every step you take. Especially the classic and legendary threat of seemingly opposite gender: an accidentally met, sexy Thai girl may turn out to be a Thai lady-boy with deliberately wicked plan.

I think it is worthwhile to spend some time in the Thai capital. At least to meet some interesting people wandering the world, eat a cricket or a larva and try some other unique culinary inventions.

Crunchy crickets a tasty appetizers, you can easily eat these in handfuls, however I ate only a few larvas, perhaps due to their slightly “chewy” consistency and the awareness of what that actually is. Walking around the area I get the impression that all roads lead to Khao San Road.

Khao San Road (and in general, the whole Bangkok) is a place that sucks in as a black hole. Even if one decides to escape, it is not that easy. The sooner the better. I came again to Bangkok after the time spent exploring Cambodia and Laos. I thought to go back to the big city, have some fun and rest. I even thought that I could spend some more time here. Soon I fleed.

Out of curiosity I visited the city center. To my eyes appeared countless markets, shopping centers and thousands of people. I drew particular attention to Central World. Entering inside I instantly felt stress, anxiety, even fear. I am completely overwhelmed by the enormity of this place. I can hardly believe that what I see it actually exists. This is the second largest mall in the world.

Fortunately Bangkok is only a waypoint. The place where everything begins and everything comes to an end.

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