Riding beach cruiser …

Events of recent months have gained staggering momentum. All the time things keep happening. A new situations are positively shocking and unforgettable, yet some not very desirable also inevitably happen. Both things I have been expecting for a long time and those which I would never expect to happen. Almost every day is different and at the very thought of what would happen next I can’t wait for the following morning. I feel that it is the best time of my life. The decisions I have taken have never been of so much satisfaction for me. The first and the key one was to take a year off my university and move for six months to England.

Working hard I managed to earn enough money for a few months of traveling. A dream which has long been on my mind, a snowboarding trip to Elbrus in Caucasus, has finally taken place. It comes back to me all the time, because we have had the best freeriding snow conditions I could ever think of. After returning from the Caucasus I went for a long awaited trip to the Norwegian lakes. Right before the holiday season I manage to meet up the whole Elbrus team and have some good parties together with another friends in PoznaƄ.

The next stage is a summer trip to California. It is a long story, but to cut it short, I expected something completely different. This is by far a too civilized place, with all the things being controlled, monitored or constrained you do not have much to do on your own without being harassed by rules. It is really disappointing, as too many shopping centers, private areas and regulations you meet on every step you made do not allow you to enjoy the local charm. With some time here you can get used to it, start even liking it. The sunny beaches, laid-back people and cheap Coca-Cola are the positive sides.

The next step is coming. In a few days I’m going with my friend Dorcia for a one-month trip to Central America. The plan is to fly from Los Angeles to Belize and then taking buses and other means of transportation pass through other Central American countries to end up in Costa Rica from where we plan to return. If there is a substantial delay, it means that either I have been eaten by crocodiles when crossing the river, met some lovely Honduran or just been eaten by a jaguar. We’ll see how the things are going to be, but something tells me it is going to be great.

Once I return I for sure would post some photographs. Writing travel stories has already become my hobby, so would be happy keep the website up to date every time I settle down somewhere for some more time. I hope that there are people who find it interesting and among looking for a similar trip, my memories would be valuable source of useful information. See you soon! Hasta luego!