A rollercoaster accelerating to 200 km/h in 3.4 seconds

Six Flags amusement park, New Jersey. Two hour bus drive from New York. The main attraction is Kingda Ka, the recently opened rollercoaster. Application of the same mechanisms as those used to accelerate the fighter jet planes off the aircraft carriers (with limited runway length) succeeded in creating ultra fast and extraordinarily performing rollercoaster.

Fully-loaded rollercoaster accelerates on a horizontal section to 204 km an hour in as little as 3.4 seconds. The speed gives enough momentum for the rollercoaster to ascend vertically to a height of 120 meters and then use the gravity to slide down in a corkscrew path. These achievements made the rollercoaster in 2005 to be officially considered as the fastest and highest in the world .

Safety is the most important issue. Due to the excess gravitational force all participants must deposit all their items, including cameras and hairpins. I assure that waiting in a long line, which in in my case lasted an hour and a half plus an additional hour just to be in the front row is worth every single second. Just for the very first three seconds right after the start! The impression is amazing. After nearly one second you already go over 100 km/h to double the speed within next 2 seconds. The highest dose of adrenaline comes at start. Airflow in the horizontal section is so strong that even trying with all my breath I couldn’t scream, no matter what. The adrenaline comes up to your throat and if you wouldn’t gulp it in the right time it you might get choked.

Here’s the view from the front chair of Kingda Ka rollercoaster: