A place for a grilled chicken

El jardí de Sòl de Riu

Cruising along a swerving coastal road we head south. Our intention is to skip the toll tunnel to see more of beautiful Catalonia. We stop at numerous viewpoints on our way and in the evening we arbitrarily choose a place to stay. A small village of Vinaròs is located just off the coastal trail el Jardi de Sol de Riu. This completely accidental location is an amazing place. Half-hour walk leads us through a tiny path just off the steep coast. Along the way there are deserted plantations, orchards and huge clusters of agave. Lizards flee from under my feet and hide under ruined cottages.

An offhand recipe for grilled chicken

Intense Mediterranean waves take an increasing part of this fragile waterfront. Massive landslides have not yet been washed away by water. This creates a timeless landscape. I suppose the current state of the quay has been unchanged for decades. On the other hand, it is also likely that the great blocks of ground have fallen off merely a few weeks ago. The future is uncertain and it is the nature to decide whether its waters would also claim the village’s main street. Moments after jogging session comes the time to start improvised grill.

We kindle coals and wood. Having seasoned chicken breast we place it an aluminum tray in the oil, together with zucchini, garlic, pepper and onions. Tomatoes come later. Sipping a beer we wait for the food to be done. The vegetables soften and onions turn glassy. Coastal dish is brought to the table.