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The east side of Cuba

We arrive to Santiago de Cuba. The surroundings look as if destroyed by a hurricane. Actually (and sadly) this is the case. Uprooted trees and broken rooftops form the suburb landscape of this second largest city on the island. To prevent cholera outbreak, there is triple chlorine disinfection carried out in front of each premises.…

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Mechanic in the jungle and Cuban cowboys

We spend the night in a tent by rocky coast. Early in the morning I notice a few people with flippers and diving mask on. They are langouste hunters. The idea for special breakfast comes by itself. Arriving to a nearby town I talk to cook in one of the food stands. He turns out…

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Weird things going on Cuba

Classic old-timer One of the most popular dishes in Cuba is pan con hamburguesa, which in other words, is kind of a hamburger.¬† The preparation process involves making it ready first and then heating the entire thing in the toaster, in a way that the meat always stays cold, almost as if it was taken…

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Cuba, how is it possible?

We arrive to town of Hershey on our bikes. Here we get to know Ula, a Polish woman who has lived over 30 years in Cuba. What brings her here? Back in the seventies there were many Cuban students in Poland. Usually those students, on contrary to the regulations of their studies, happened to socialize…

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Cubanacan, the island you don’t know

I exchange two hundred euros for peso cubano and I get two hefty handful of money, probably weighing¬†about one kilo. In my mind there is a thought: Am I able to spend it during the next month? The two different currencies in circulation in Cuba is just one of countless, sometimes absurd, surprises waiting for…

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