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British Columbia, the outdoor paradise

British Columbia Downhill in Whistler A journey to the south-western Canada. Province of British Columbia is considered to be one of the most beautiful places of the globe. Its wild nature, rainforests, mild climate, ocean coastline, plethora of mountain hiking trails and ideal spots for winter sports do the job. A low impact of destructive…

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Canadian cuisine made in Asia

Canadian cuisine made in Asia Spices and herbs in Chinatown Vancouver has lots of shops, restaurants and bars, as in every big city. Both small groceries and giant shopping malls. A few decades ago wealthy Asians from Hong Kong started to buy Vancouver apartments in excessive amounts. Their investment contributed to a real estate boom.…

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Vancouver, probably the best city in the world

Vancouver Canada Place, Vancouver Vancouver, a city said to be the best place to live in the world. To which extend it may be true? I made a decision to find it out on my own. The first steps in Canada are not the easiest. The very first welcoming gesture is a detailed security check…

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