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Central America

Nicaragua and chicken buses

Reliable chicken bus Our bus stops roughly a kilometer before the border. From this point onward we have to walk. It is raining and it is already dark. Barely visible deep holes on the road are filled with water. Border area after dark is dangerous, but we have to leave Honduras in some way. Perhaps…

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El Salvador and pupusas

El Salvador Pupusas at stall in San Salvador El Salvador (Spanish: El Salvador) is a country often bypassed by tourists, definitely not lying on beaten itineraries going through Central America. So is the decision to deviate from the typical route and visit the mysterious el Salvador. The road leading from Honduras has numerous passes and…

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Honduras and coffee plantations

Dorcia with two Honduran girls Cop├ín is neat and peaceful town. Large variations in elevation, steep streets and plentiful palm trees make an orientation easier. Urban transport is carried out by red rickshaws ubiquitous on cobbled streets. After a long search we finally find a place resembling a bus stop. An additional difficulty to leave…

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Guatemala, lagoons and volcanoes on fire

Early morning at Laguna Lachua Our minibus is runs into a deep pool of lime dirt. The vehicle gets dark inside and driving visibility is reduced to zero. We stop to wash the windshield. A few more hours on a bumpy road towards Flores, the town located in northern Guatemala. Passing the colorful buildings and…

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Hidden beauty of Belize

Beach bar on the island of Caye Caulker The flight from Miami approaches the Yucatan peninsula. We land at the airport located half an hour from Belize City. Terminal looks quite unusual, more like a bus station back in the 80’s  rather than a modern establishment. People queue up waiting to be handed in their…

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Inspired by Central America

Honduras girls selling dolls Let’s take a look at the map of the world. The Central America is almost negligible piece of it. Despite the modest size it is a very interesting region. No one would suppose that such a small area would bring so such diversity. Belize, a country with beautiful beaches of the…

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The taste of adventure

Caye Caulker, Belize Traveling to Central America resulted in new inspirations. Fabulous Caye Caulker island in Belize is a place where time is irrelevant and the only problem is to open a coconut. A hitch-hike ride on a truck full of pineapples and limes is by far better than riding limo. Every experience has its…

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