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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I spend money on photographs?

The most simple answer is: “Because you are going to have more customers.”

It may sound too good to be true, but it has been proven that better quality photographs bring more paying customers to your business.

Example: Imagine being on-line trying to choose your next holiday destination. You have found a few decent places and you browse one of these websites, most of them presenting a few vague snapshots leaving you with nearly no idea what this place is really about. Subsequently you find another site with a user-friendly virtual tour and attractively looking pictures. As you start, you can already immerse yourself in 360 degree quality images. Yes, feels almost like being there! You get excellent insight on what the place looks like, what can you expect and eventually – what you are going to pay for. It signals transparency, meaning the business owner openly shares their facilities not
intending to hide anything from you.

Needless to say, the holiday planning tends to be very careful – often it is a major expense for holidaymakers. Face the truth. That is how the tourism industry works. Today trust is a very important factor before any purchase is made. Attractive-looking pictures and virtual tours build confidence with your customers, because they know what they are getting instead of “buying a pig in a poke” as some say (or “cat in a sack”, as some others may say).

In addition, a Virtual Tour is a top-notch product, attracting positively surprised visitors to stay longer on your website. Effects? They are more likely to become loyal and tell their friends about positive experiences at all three stages: before, while and after having a holiday.

Is it something I really need?

If your company is somehow involved in a tourism or travel business, then most likely the answer is YES!

I offer premium quality photographs and virtual tours which are expected to inspire your potential customers to choose your services.

Virtual tours combined with traditional photographs are highly suitable for a variety of businesses. Here are some examples of locations which can be creatively presented by means of photography, virtual tours and video filming.


  • hotels and apartments
  • all other sort of holiday or business accommodation
  • restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs
  • equipment rentals
  • shops
  • conference / training centers
  • wellness / indoor activities


  • summer holiday resorts
  • skiing resorts
  • outdoor activities
  • tourist attractions
  • nature / landscape
  • entertainment / recreational parks

How exactly does it work?

  • both pictures and virtual tours are very easy to embed (insert) on your existing website with just a simple code
  • all materials are compatible with Mac / PC computers and mobile devices
  • works perfectly in all major browsers, such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera
  • whenever it is necessary, I will provide assistance help
  • I am also able to deliver HDR (High Dynamic Range) and huge, over 100 megapixel images
  • depending on your specific needs, we can seamlessly embed video, static images and sound clips into final product
  • I offer individual approach – please contact me about your specific needs – I am sure we will find perfect solution for you :-)

Am I ready for improvement?

Sure you are! This is great opportunity for you to make this innovative change in your business. It is your decision to stay put or adjust to ever changing market conditions and move a step ahead of your competition. There is no reason to wait, the time to improve is now.

Remember that from the very beginning we will establish creative and friendly dialog to discover your needs and find best ways to address them. I will guide you smoothly throughout the whole process from the idea to ready product.

I am sure it will be both fun and a good piece of useful work!

So… are you ready to start our brand new exciting project?