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The footsteps of Kazimierz Nowak

In the years 1931-1936 a Polish explorer Kazimierz Nowak traveled all Africa using only the strength of his muscles as the first person in the world. His achievement unfortunately has never gained the appreciation it deserves. A groups of enthusiasts inspired by the character decided to plan a relay travel in the years 2009-2011 to…

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A school in Rwanda

Meeting kids in Rwandan school We visit an elementary school on the way. In one of the classrooms kids have classes. We decide to take a short break here. With a principal’s approval the students interrupt their lesson to meet us. The entire crowd of kids gathers up outside the building. For a good start,…

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Meetings in Kigali

Kigali, situated on the hill capital of Rwanda During the whole journey through Rwanda I hold the view that the country can easily be crossed on a bike without pedals. Nothing but short-lasting, adrenalin filling rides downhill and continuous uphill struggles, which are so steep that it is often more convenient to push the bike. Just…

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One thousand hills on a bike

Mzungu among Rwandan kids Tired of a long journey we are looking for a bottle of cold beer. Searching through the mysterious alleys of Kigali all we find is a warm and tart banana wine. We still have to take a five-hour bus ride to Gisenyi, a town on the western end of Rwanda. It…

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